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The old saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is absolutely changing now people mostly see the glowing skin beauty which is the outer beauty and seen by the eyes.

Smooth glowing skin is one of the best beauty assets anyone can have. Beautiful skin can make you look polished, groomed, and more attractive, so it’s important to take care of your skin.   There are ways to hide blemishes and dark circles, smooth out uneven skin tone, and even change the shape of your features. All that can be achieved by clever tips and techniques.

When doing makeup, whether for daytime or evening, I always start with skin. You will need 6 basic items to make your face looking flawless: Primer, Base Foundation, Concealer, Powder, Highlight/Contour combo, and Blush.

  • Give yourself a decent Base

The following stride to immaculate skin is Foundation. It is intended to try and out the skin tone and make smoother skin surface by filling in pores and covering any redness or skin staining. Establishment comes in 4 unique structures: Tinted lotion, Liquid establishment, Cream establishment, and Dual-complete establishment. Whichever sort of establishment you pick, I prescribe getting one with implicit SPF to shield your skin from unsafe UV beams.

  • Spot on some Concealer

Concealer is utilized to cover spots of redness, dull under eye circles, pigmentation spots and some other territories that the establishment was not ready to stow away. There is an assortment of sorts of concealer: smooth or hard consistency, with brush or general tool, in a tube or container or stick. Take your pick and trial until you discover one that you cherish.

  • Powder Finish to Set

The last stride to scope is powder to set your skin cosmetics and secure it all. Powder can likewise be utilized all alone – rather than establishment, on the off chance that you need light matte look. You just have two options of powders: free and squeezed.
Free powder is light and can be skin conditioned or translucent and arrives in a major container. Neither of them will give you much scope when utilized alone yet will evacuate sparkle. It's best to tidy free powder over your establishment/concealer with a major cushy brush everywhere throughout the face. Due to its free consistency and weightlessness, this kind of powder doesn't keep going the length of squeezed powder.

  • Highlight and Contour

Since your skin is an immaculate peddles, it's a great opportunity to include some measurement and make your skin gleam. With these two items you can highlight a few elements while reducing others. For instance, you can make a wide nose look smaller, make a more characterized jaw line, and draw out your cheekbones and forehead bones. Fundamentally, the darker form shadow is utilized to make profundity, while the light shimmery highlighter presents things.