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Some tips by the makeup artist in Lucknow to make your hair healthy and bouncy :

  • AVOID DIRECT SUNLIGHT :- exposure to the direct sunlight damages your hair cells and thus make your hair looks rough. Before stepping to outside don’t forget to wear a scarf or hat.
  • USE OF SULPHATE-FREE HAIR PRODUCTS :- some hair products contains majority of sulphate that damages your hair if using regularly. So avoid using the products that has sulphate in it.
  • APPLY CONDITIONER AFTER SHOWER:- using conditioner after shower not only make your hair smooth but also add shines and potions to it. Use good quality conditioner like garnier & dove ultra-shine to make your hair conditioned throughout the day.
  • EAT NUTRITIOUS FOOD:- as all your body parts needs vitamins minerals and other nutrient to work well and grow, hairs also need valuable nutrition to give healthy and fluffy look. Yogurt, milk products, fruits and dry fruits etc. works best for your hairs.
  • AVOID HEATING TOOLS:- regular usage of hair styling products like iron, hair straightener & hair dryer highly affect your hair follicles and makes them dull and rough. Avoid using such tools.
  • HOT OIL MASSAGE:- give your hair hot oil massage 2 times a week as it gives a complete moisturisation to your overall head and also repairs damage hair cells which promotes growth of new healthier and thicker hair.
  • CUT YOUR SPLIT ENDS:- if hair doesn’t not cut for a long time it grows split-ends which blocks your hair growth and also give your hair uneven look. Always cut your split-ends if grows any.
  • LIMITED USE OF CHEMICAL PRODUCTS:- chemicals are very harsh for your hair as it is very sensitive. Limit the use of chemical products and if possible there are natural products as a substitute. It gives result slower but at least safe for your hairs.
  • PAT DRY YOUR HAIR:- most people rub their hair with towel after the shower which makes the cuticles of hair open and thus dirt and pollutants sits in it which results in poor hair growth. Always pat dry your hair with soft cotton towel which is always in favor.